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Rappelz Venom New Custom 9.1 (EN/DE/AR/RU/FR/TR)

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New member
3 May 2022
Rappelz Venom Custom 9.1 New Private Server >> (EN/DE/AR/RU/FR)

We are with you very soon... We are waiting for you all to the Discord Address.

Please come to our Discord address to be informed about the game.

Discord :

Website :
  • High Image Quality MMORPG Rappelz Venom !
  • We Have Prepared A Rappelz For You That You Will Enjoy While Playing.
  • Fair Professional Gaming Pleasure!
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Regardless of old or new, here you will find everything belonging to the dark world of MMORPG Rappelz Venom.
  • Dive into the Fantastic Venom of Rappelz Venom!
  • You Won't Guess The Places You'll Visit In Rappelz Venom.
  • Take Control and Become the Leader of the Rappelz Venom!
  • Thousands of Monsters, Hundreds of Skill Combos, Clan Owned Dungeons and the Venom's Largest Pet System are waiting for you.
  • Come and Rule the Dungeons!
  • Gaia, Asura, Deva These are the 3 Great Warriors. Choose your side and make your name known to the lands owned by the leader of the races.
  • Command your Pets to Attack!
  • Join this Adventure of 15 Master Classes and Dozens of Rookie Classes.
  • Take Your Foraging Friends with You and Keep Fighting. They Will Gather Everything Necessary For You.
  • Tell Everyone About Your Struggle With The Giant Bosses And Let's Admire It.
  • Enjoy Custom 9.1 Maps.
  • Get Your Daily Gifts and Get Stronger!
  • Own Valuable Items by Attending Weekly Events.
  • Design Your Own Combination with 8 Slot Belts.
  • You Can Easily Make Money. Only Fight with Volcanus!
  • Enjoy and Contract Dozens of Underground Dungeons and Circus.
  • Get Very Special Items with Bears Den Points!
  • Leveling Up Your Items Has Never Been This Easy.
  • Catch Your Pets To Fight For You. They can do anything for you.
  • Unique Awards for Altar Winners.
  • Exclusive Buffs for Dungeon Owners.
  • Special Buffs for your Character and Pets are in NPC.

Server Statistics
  • - Exp Rate : x1
  • - Gold Rate : x20
  • - Drop Rate : x3
  • - Max Level : 165
  • - Max Pet Level : 160

Party Rates
  • - Party + 1 (10%)
  • - Party + 7 (40%)